Swinging Munitions Storage

Swinging Munitions Storage

Unfortunately, the majority of these doors have been installed in locations that strictly prohibit photography, so we only have a couple of pictures of this style of door during construction.


Our swinging blast door systems can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Having built swinging blast doors to over 12' tall and 25' in width, we are confident that we can build a system that will meet your requirements and your imagination.


Doors are designed using CAD and structural engineering software. Door frame structure and connection designs are certified by an independent engineer. Door frames are engineered using structural steel members per AJSC. Blast loads are calculated using U.S. Army Corp of Engineers supplied software to ensure accurate blast loading and design compliance. Wind loads, if a factor, are calculated using your location and building size for the most accurate structural loading possible. We don't make an assumption on the wind load by using an arbitrary standard, we verify every time.


Door components are manufactured to the highest standards and designed to be completely bolt together, avoiding costly delays due to welding inspections and the availability of certified welders in the field. Door components are also designed to have as few connections as possible, simplifying and increasing assembly speed on the job This lowers the total installed cost for your door system.


Our hinges brackets are machined m house to tight tolerances to accept bronze bushings or tapered roller bearings, depending on project and customer requirements. Hinge pins are drilled and tapped for grease fittings for ease of maintenance and long life.

Lock System

Lock systems are machined inhouse to tight tolerances to ensure proper fit and function. Lock brackets are fully assembled, greased and tested before shipping. In most cases the doors are assembled onto the door frames and locked in the closed position. Spacers are inserted into the door jamb and tack welded into place. This holds the entire door/frame package square and straight during shipping and installation. After installed simply grind off the tack welds and remove the spacers. Your door will be properly aligned and functioning.


Weatherstrip is 1/8" cloth inserted epdm. Weatherstrip meets military specifications for durometer, UV resistance and incidental exposure to paint thinners. Retainer bar is fastened by zinc coated self drilling screws every 8" for a secure seal without oil canning of retainer bar. Retainer bar is easily removed for replacement of weatherstripping if it becomes necessary. Leading edge bubble seals allows for 4" of compression.

Standard options

Hydraulic drive operating system, hot dip galvanizing for brackets, cold zinc.

Please call with your custom option requirements, we are here to create the system that meets your needs and your imagination.