Hangar Doors

If you have a large doorway, you need an equally large door guarding it; and hangar doors are ideal for that. These doors will give you control over access, allow large vehicles to move through the doorway, and protect the interiors from sun, high winds, and other such weather conditions. At DP Industries, we provide a wide range of doors that can fit into any property and fulfill any requirement.

Our Hangar Doors

Different customers have different requirements when it comes to airplane hangar doors, and our experts are always willing to offer all the advice you need to install the best door possible. Here are some of the products we offer:

  • Sliding Hangar Doors - As the name suggests, the side sliding hangar doors open and close from the sides. They’re one of the most popular styles of doors because they generally take up less movement space and can be easily installed on large doorways. They’re resilient and offer great deal of value for money so if you want something that’s easy to use and offers value for money, you should install these hangar doors.
  • Vertical Lifting Hangar Doors - Vertical lifting hangar doors open in an upward direction. While this door does require some headroom, it’s a great option of narrow hangars that don’t have enough room to accommodate sliding doors. Vertical doors are also quite popular. They can be installed on doorways on all heights and sizes so they’re a good option for all kinds of properties.
  • Full Canopy Hangar Doors - Full canopy hangar doors are a single piece door that lifts up to open rather than sliding in the upward direction, as vertical lifting doors do. They’re a great option for hangars with limited space and are ideal for smaller doorways.
  • Partial Canopy Hangar Doors - Partial canopy doors are similar to full canopy ones but they don’t open to become completely flat. This door is also ideal for smaller hangars and doorways and is easy to install and operate.
  • Free Standing/Side Sliding - These doors are easily customizable and can be made to fit all sizes of doorways. They’re also available in many different configurations so you can choose something that’s ideally suited for your particular requirements.
  • Free Standing/Partial Canopy Hangar Doors - Free standing partial hangar doors function similarly to the regular partial hangar doors and are designed for wide doors ways and hangars. They’re also very customizable and can be altered to fit your hangar.

We have a team of experts who’re always ready and willing to help you choose a product that works for your hangar. Our wide product range will ensure you find an ideal fit that can be customized for your requirements.

If you have questions about our hangar doors or other products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at DP Industries. You can give us a call at 800 411 8996 or contact us through this form. You can also request a free quote here.